Desires, frustration, anger and the Liver

Anger is linked to the feeling of frustration. Frustration can come from unfulfilled desires. A desire can be physical, psychological or intellectual. A desire that is not fulfilled can build up an inner feeling of irritation after a while. A situation that you cannot accept will then cause a large inner, and perhaps also external, conflict. The mind will also play an important role in this. The emotion will settle in the body and create tension and energy blocks.

That inner frustration is a first step to anger and it can evolve to a certain extreme. One will either suppress the frustration and become too patient without taking into account one’s own desires or one will express the frustration calmly or explosively. When our organs – Liver and Gallbladder – are in balance, people will sometimes be patient and sometimes will set their limits and express that they do not agree with the situation. When suppression lasts too long, the body can start to display external symptoms. With an explosive character, we sometimes see too much verbal activity and in some people physical violence, if they do not get a grip on the situation.

The Kidneys are disturbed when we have too many and prolonged fears, and the Liver will be disturbed by frustration and anger. This will also block the energetic pathways (meridians) of the Liver and of the associated organ, the Gallbladder. Chronic frustration leads to anger, and anger together with depression feed on each other and strengthen each other. This can lead to eating disorders, migraines, dizziness, menstrual problems, hypertension and other symptoms. Disturbances in the Liver can also cause muscle and eye problems.

How can we become more conscious about it?

Become aware and write your frustrations down on paper so that you can express them
Which situations disturb you?
What can you change and what not?
What do you feel and where in the body?
Are you aware of a different breathing rhythm?

What can you do with frustration instances and anger in your life?

Transform the energy of frustration and anger into creativity
Shout it out in the middle of the forest
Roll on the floor
Have a pillow fight
Practice yoga, sports, exercise
Dance intuitively with your eyes closed
Draw and paint
Close your eyes and feel where the frustration is situated in your body
Pay attention to the place where you feel anger and breathe in and out slowly to the place
Talk to someone about it
Call a helpline
Avoid products that sedate you or harm your body, such as alcohol, drugs, too much sugar
Detox the liver
Eat healthy and in moderation
Acupuncture with needles, herbs, tongue analysis, moxa
Acupressure (shiatsu) with pressure points, hara analysis, massage, stretching, deep relaxation, emo shiatsu, with the use of voice and vibration

The Liver and Gallbladder belong to the wood element in the 5 element theory. The season associated with these organs is spring. When you feel more anger in spring than usual, this element may not be completely in balance in you. When it is in balance, you will have more energy to materialize your plans, creativity and constructive cooperation, while it will be easier to make good decisions and have good organization.

Anger is a natural reaction and may be there

Every emotion has its purpose
Let go of your tensions
Feel safe
Let go and live

Daniel Van Nerom – Shiatsu therapist – teacher