Introduction Course “The 5 Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine” :

Man is a complex whole. Maintaining balance depends on a healthy lifestyle, both psychological and physiological. But it also depends on many other factors. Eastern philosophies have taught for millennia that everything is interconnected in the universe. One way to observe and learn these interrelationships is to study traditional Chinese medicine. Studying them can help you get to know yourself better and bring everything back into harmony.

Traditional Chinese medicine includes various disciplines, including pharmacopoeia, massage, acupressure and energy exercises (Qigong), dietetics, acupuncture and moxatherapy.

This course is an introduction to the 5 elements of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Program :

Introduction to Traditional Chinese medicine
Discovering the 5 elements
Cycles of the 5 elements : Generating (sheng) and Control (ke)
Organs and emotions
Correlations of each element
Lack of energy
Analyzing for yourself which element(s) completely in balance
5 elements and nutrition

Explore the effect your emotions can have on your organs and how this is influenced by the balance/imbalance of the elements in your body.

Who is this course for ?

This course is for everybody who want to learn how to apply this basic information in order to improve their health.

For beginners, no prior knowledge required !

Practical information :

Online course
Date :  Thursday 22 October 2020
Time :  7 to 10 pm
Price 40 euro (the payment confirms your registration)

For questions and subscribing for this course contact Daniël Van Nerom and fill in this regestration fields.

Daniel Van Nerom
Shiatsu therapist – teacher